Group-buy Facebook & Instagram ads with other local businesses.

Save gobs of time and money.

Set your own budget ($75 min). No contracts.

Potlukk automatically generates and runs group video ads featuring only local businesses on Facebook and Instagram.


your advertising dollar by sharing the cost of ads with other businesses.


tons of time since Potlukk uses your existing social posts in ads.


your business by advertising to nearby customers.

Learn more in 90 seconds.

Set your own budget ($75 min). No contracts.

Potlukk targets ads based on "Themes"

We group companies based on Themes, where what you have in common with other businesses is the type of customer you want to reach.

For example, a "Health & Wellness" Theme targets people nearby who are interested in fitness, healthy foods, and more.

Check out some ad examples!

Watch this video to see examples of ads Potlukk generates.

The ad designs rotate monthly, so your ad campaign stays fresh.


We love it!
Effortless, efficient advertising that just works.

Kevin Martin
Owner, Plank Fitness


How does "group buying" work? Learn more in (another) 90 seconds!

Potlukk combines ad budgets from three companies in one ad, usually a video ad.

Each company spends the same amount -- always within the budget you set. Your minimum monthly spend is just $75.

Potlukk spends about 2/3 of this "pot" to run the ad on Facebook & Instagram.

We built Potlukk to simplify digital advertising for the busiest people we know: business owners.

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